Wishing for the Peace of Holden!

posted Jul 25, 2017, 2:50 PM by Grace Lutheran Church

I know people without a TV!  No NCIS, no PBS, no HGTV!  It seemed appalling in this day and age! But then I went to Holden Village and was shocked into “disconnection.”  In the same day, TV, internet and cell service were stripped away.  I was in a remote area of the Cascade mountains at Holden Village.  Even print news was not timely.  Newspapers arrived several days late if at all.  Suddenly I did not know what the POTUS was doing or how the world was responding or even what NOAA was predicting for the next day. It is said that if the world ended Holden would not find out about it for a couple of days!   Holden and its people were the only world I knew!  I read more, slept more, visited with Larry and made new friends.  I just sat and enjoyed the scenery or took a walk on one of the mountain paths.  We played board games – no internet opponents! I lingered over coffee and good conversation with a new friend or a good book.  I wrote and read and worshiped and painted.  I had no clue what was going on in the world outside Holden.  All I experienced was the world that touched me and the world I touched.  My back no longer ached, the cold sore and heart palpitations that I had when I entered Holden quickly went away.  I breathed deeper, slept better and laughed more.  We have been away from Holden for a week and a half.  Back in the world of cell, and internet and TV.  We are frustrated by poor internet connections, irritated (and shocked) by the state of world affairs and angered by the unfolding events in our own country over which we have no control.  We have been hooked once again by Facebook and email.  We have been to Seattle, the Oregon Coast and now San Diego (in a week and a half!) Everyone is in a hurry to see the sights, to find the next meal, to visit another shop so they might find that one thing they just can’t live without.  There are no more new friends or lingering conversations with strangers or a good book.  Now my back aches, I am not sleeping well, and we are eating and drinking too much.  I am becoming anxious and irritable.  The peace of Holden appears to be gone!  So this morning I am up before most of the hotel’s revelers, there is a gentle breeze, I hear the birds but little else.  I have read a chapter of a good book and sat in the quiet with a cup of coffee pondering how to return to the peace of Holden in the midst of a connected and chaotic world.  Maybe I should begin with the TV!