Sun in San Diego and beyond!

posted Jul 25, 2017, 2:42 PM by Grace Lutheran Church   [ updated Jul 25, 2017, 2:43 PM ]

The weather in San Diego is beautiful!  I can see why one would enjoy living here, if only for the weather.  We have enjoyed our stay though very different from the slow pace of Holden or the windy Oregon Coast.  We took a wonderful tour of the historic Del Coronado Hotel and learned more about how the “beautiful” people of the past… and present vacation.  It is a remarkable facility and the setting could not be more breathtaking.  We had no commitments in San Diego and took the time to relax, walk the beach, eat well, read and do a bit of writing.  Since my computer died, Larry has graciously been willing to share his with me a bit.  We had a balcony on our room that looked out on a courtyard.  There we sat often enjoying the warm breeze.  One morning the lock to the door to the balcony broke.  It took most of the day to get a maintenance person to fix it but not to be deterred from enjoying the beautiful day.  I climbed out the window.  Walking on the beach on our final morning there, we witnessed Navy seals distance-swimming on the horizon beyond the beach.  Well, we saw the boats accompanying them and some very black dots moving through the water.  We were told, and must believe, they were Navy seals.  We also were told that sometimes they can be seen running on the sand in full gear.

From San Diego we had to return to LA to board the train to San Antonio.  On the way we stopped in Irvine to meet my mother’s cousin Helen Anne and her daughter.  Helen Anne is 94 and she reminded me not long ago that I should visit her now because she might not be here much longer.  So we stopped!  We had a great lunch at one of her favorite steak places!  They were trying out a new dish which they were considering putting on the menu.  It was pork tenderloin pounded somewhat thin, breaded and then pan fried.  I desperately wanted to tell them we had been doing that in Indiana for a long time!  I did refrain.  Carole ordered it and when it came it was a “tenderloin” though without the bun and served with roasted veges and salad!  But a tenderloin no less.  It was good to see Helen Anne and reminisce about a visit I made with my parents and sisters to California nearly 60 years ago though she didn’t seem to remember it!  She is 94 after all.  We caught up on the news of family and then boarded the train for the next leg of our journey!