The Cat

posted May 17, 2017, 6:00 PM by Grace Lutheran Church   [ updated Jun 11, 2017, 5:38 PM ]

The Hermitage, Three Rivers, Michigan  - A Silent Retreat, a time of relaxation, pondering and rest!

At the Hermitage was a cat – she was an outdoor cat it seemed.  She was mostly white but her eyes and the subtle coloring of her legs hinted at some Siamese in her blood line.  I don’t much like cats! The first time I saw her she was lying on the sidewalk –right in my path – in front of the entry door.  She just looked at me – I don’t know if it was with suspicion or with welcome.  I stepped around over her but didn’t really pay much attention to her.  The day was sunny and warm so after I unpacked, I found a chair under a small tree and enjoyed the sunshine and the gentle breeze.  A gentle brush on my legs surprised me.  There was the cat. (Did I tell you I don’t like cats?) But she made her presence known – a greeting if you will – and then wandered off to lie in the garden nearby.  I would return to that chair often during my stay.  I would sit quietly with my tea and my reading and when I was lost in my reading or my thoughts – surprise! The brush of her being.  A pat on the head and she was off to another place.  Never expected, she always appeared.  (Did I tell you I don’t like cats?)  Hmm, I wonder – today I sat and petted that cute white cat and said farewell.  She is different from other cats somehow.  It makes me remember how often we say we don’t like… a group of people…show distain, distaste, complain about, judge, fear people because of their skin color, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, politics economic standing, tattoos, piercing or age.  Maybe if we allowed ourselves to be touched by them, allowed ourselves to know the other as the child of the same God – loved by the same God that loves us, we would find we could love also.  I was blessed by that little white cat and the love she offered me.