Next Stop Seattle

posted Jun 26, 2017, 9:38 PM by Grace Lutheran Church

After we reluctantly left Holden Village, we made our way by bus, boat and car (thank you Sara and Russell for taking us to the hotel) to Wenatchee.  Early the next morning we boarded the Amtrak train for the relatively short trip over river, woods and mountains to Seattle.  We arrived midmorning, checked into the Westin Hotel, grabbed a snack, unpacked and headed for Pike Market.  The Market is known for its fresh fish, produce and flowers.  It is also jam packed with little souvenir shops and restaurants.  We found an Italian market that sold every food “stuff” Italian including a wonderful deli.  We grabbed a sandwich and joined others at a communal table.  Once again we were surprised by the connections made in conversation with strangers.  The family across the table had been many times to Holden.  Good conversation was  the highlight of our lunch.  Following lunch we were joined by Angie.  Angie had formerly lived in Fort Wayne and worked with Larry.  We continued our stroll through the very crowded Pike Market and then took the ferry to Bremerton across the bay. I am not really sure what body of water we crossed or what direction we were going but the afternoon was warm and sunny and the conversation was good so the trip was delightful.   The afternoon was filled with wine tasting and wandering.  We ended our excursion with supper in a Greek diner.  As we returned to the hotel we passed a Target in the middle of the city!  It seemed an unusual location and appearance but we found that inside it was the same Target you would expect in the suburbs. 

Sunday we took the monorail to the site of the 1967 world’s fair to see the Chuhuly Glass Exhibit.  Larry was a bit leery of the whole concept of the monorail.  He seemed to wonder if it could even stay on the track.  AND he hates heights!  But we didn’t fall off the rail and we got there without harm.  The exhibit was beautiful.  The imagination and skill of the artist with blown glass is remarkable.  After we returned safely to city center, we walked once again to the nearby Pike Market to get some of the fresh cherries for the train!   What chaos.  The place was packed, lines long and the people pushy! We did escape with our lives and decided to recover at a nearby gelato stand!  On the way back to the hotel we made a stop at Target to buy a suitcase.  The wheel on Larry’s suitcase had broken and there were miles to go before we got home.  A limping suitcase would make the trip much more difficult. Early tomorrow on to Portland and the Oregon Coast.